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What is Sheltered Harbor?

Sheltered Harbor was founded to protect customers, financial institutions, and public confidence in the financial system when a catastrophic event such as a cyberattack causes critical systems — including backups — to fail. Implementing Sheltered Harbor’s standards augments an institution’s disaster recovery and business continuity plans, with industry-developed crisis and emergency management processes. This enables institutions to proactively plan for and recover from crisis and continue to provide essential services for its customers while it reestablishes normal operations. Sheltered Harbor is a not-for-profit, industry-led “standards setting and certification” organization comprised of financial institutions, core service providers, national trade associations, alliance partners and solution providers dedicated to enhancing financial sector stability and resiliency.

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How it Works

The core elements of Sheltered Harbor are data vaulting, resiliency planning, and certification.

Data Vaulting

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Institututions backup critical data on a defined schedule into an untouchable offline archive.

Resilience Planning

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Institututions prepare the business processes to be activated in a severe yet plausible (Sheltered Harbor) event.


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Upon successful implementation and testing, participants achieve Sheltered Harbor Certification. 

Why Sheltered Harbor?

Sheltered Harbor is the not-for-profit, industry-led effort developed by and for the financial services industry as a critical backup of last resort.