Data Vaulting

Institutions back up critical data regularly in accordance with Sheltered Harbor standards, either managing their own vault or using a participating service provider. The data vault is encrypted, unchangeable, and completely separated from the institution’s infrastructure, including all backups.

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Resilience Planning


Sheltered Harbor participants must complete a rigorous and disciplined plan to address all business and technical steps necessary to restore essential services in the event of a cyberattack where all options to restore critical systems, including backups, cannot be completed in time to maintain customer confidence. Sheltered Harbor has defined specific playbooks that must be developed and tested by the institution before applying for and receiving Sheltered Harbor Cyber Resilience Certification. 


How It Works Resiliency Plan





Certification is a critical component of the Sheltered Harbor initiative. Participants adopt a robust set of prescribed safeguards and controls, which are independently audited for compliance with the Sheltered Harbor standard. 

Upon completing the requirements, the institution will be awarded a Sheltered Harbor certification and an accompanying seal, communicating that their critical data is protected; or that they're restoration platform is can be relied upon on the worst of days; or that their resilience plans are up to the task.

Data Protected

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Resilience Plans 

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Implementation Journey


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