How to Join

To join online and see the relevant fee schedule, click on your institution type:

Participants whose operations include any combination of banking, brokerage and asset management accounts pay only a single fee based on the larger of the banking, brokerage or asset management fee calculations (except for GSIBs which are assessed a flat fee of $50,000).  

If you require a hardcopy signature of the Sheltered Harbor Participation Agreement then follow these simple steps:

  1. Review the Sheltered Harbor Operating Rules and Participation Rate Tables
  2. Download and fill in the Sheltered Harbor Participation Agreement according to your fee level (click on buttons above)
  3. Email the signed agreement to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your application will be vetted to confirm that your organization is eligible to participate with Sheltered Harbor. Upon completion of the application process, Participants will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the Sheltered Harbor Content Portal and other materials.

Participant Benefits

Participant benefits include access to the full set of specifications that ensure secure storage and recovery of account data. Participants are eligible for the first certification after implementing data vaulting, and the final certification after implementing resiliency planning and testing. Additionally, participants have access to best practices, an active membership community with industry subject matter experts, and ongoing updates to the Sheltered Harbor solution.

Join participant benefits

Participant Fees

Sheltered Harbor is a not-for-profit, industry-led effort. Fees paid to Shelter Harbor depend on the size and type of institution.

You may apply at a higher tier to take advantage of the benefits of that level.


Banks and Credit Unions

New Fee Banks



New Fee Brokers


Asset Managers, Transfer Agents,

Insurers or other Financial Record Keepers

New Fee AM2