Join Us

How do I join?

Financial institutions, industry associations and core service providers are encouraged to join Sheltered Harbor as Participants. 

After you have submitted the inquiry form, you will be contacted by our Membership team who will provide your copy of the Sheltered Harbor Participation Agreement and Operating Rules.  Upon completion of the application process, Participants will receive a welcome email with instructions on how to access the Sheltered Harbor Content Portal and deliverables.  Click on the fancy graphic if you want us to contact you about participation.


What do Participants receive?

Participant benefits include access to the full set of specifications that ensure secure storage and recovery of account data.  (Upon confirmed implementation of those specifications, the Participant will receive an acknowledgement that they are Sheltered Harbor Ready.) Additionally, participants have access to best practices, an active membership community with industry subject matter experts and on-going updates to the Sheltered Harbor Solution.  Participants are encouraged to be active in our workgroups.


What are the participation fees?

Sheltered Harbor is a not-for-profit, industry-led effort.  Participation in Sheltered Harbor is open to US financial institutions, service providers and industry associations.  Fees will depend on the size and type of institution.  More details are available in the Fees Page. 


Who are the Participants?

Current Participants represent approximately 70% of US retail bank accounts and 60% of US retail brokerage accounts as well as key industry associations. While we do not publish a list of Participants, we encourage a very active community of working groups, which include representation from most participating institutions.  Participation is now open to the broader banking, brokerage and core service provider community.


What is required of Participants?

All Sheltered Harbor Participants are required to implement the protections described in the Sheltered Harbor Specification.  After implementation, a formal assessment of its implementation is required, as well as regular reporting on archive completion to Sheltered Harbor.  In addition, annual reviews regarding the consistency of the Sheltered Harbor protection processes will be required from each Participant.